Neting Project

Neting is much more than a social networking application for entrepreneurs. It is a comprehensive platform that offers powerful tools to find business opportunities, build professional relationships and collaborate with other professionals in a dynamic and collaborative digital environment.

Neting app

One of Neting’s key features is its ability to efficiently connect business people and entrepreneurs. The app uses advanced algorithms to suggest relevant connections based on business interests, professional experience and geographic location. This allows users to find business partners, potential customers or employees based on their specific needs.

CMS Dashboard

Neting includes a centralised CMS (Content Management System) administration panel that allows administrators and group managers to control all aspects of the application. From this panel, authorised users can manage application settings, monitor user activity, moderate groups, send notifications and perform other administrative tasks.

Groups and chat

As well as facilitating connections between business people, Neting offers a wide range of features to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

The application also has an events function that allows users to create and promote business-related events such as conferences, seminars or trade shows. Users can search for relevant events in their area and register to attend, giving them the opportunity to meet other professionals and expand their network.

In addition, Neting offers an integrated chat, allowing users to communicate instantly with other members of the community. This makes it easy to coordinate meetings, discuss ideas and negotiate business deals quickly and efficiently.