Passion for what we do

Passion for what we do

We are native developers of IOS AND ANDROID

We are a company based in Murcia, made up of great professionals with extensive experience in mobile development, web and user interface design. We develop applications for all platforms (iOS, Android, Wearables, Apple TV, etc.), ensuring meticulous design and high standards of quality and usability.

We are passionate about innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends to offer personalized and efficient solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Zapp Studio, we believe in the importance of collaboration and constant communication with our clients to ensure the success of each project. Therefore, we conduct thorough testing to ensure the quality and performance of your applications. We implement advanced analytics to monitor usage and continuously improve the user experience. We offer post-launch support and maintenance to ensure your product always operates at peak performance.

We tailor products to your needs. We do our best to make sure the PRODUCT FITS PERFECTLY to what you want.

360º Service

We offer a complete 360º service, from the creation of the idea to its implementation on the market launch and distribution.

First, we help you with our Technology Consultancy, advising you on the best strategy to follow. We design an attractive and usable user interface and then move on to the Development stage, where it can be efficiently produced in any medium. We protect your product with Cyber Security and create a Marketing plan for the final launch of your project in the appropriate channels and media.

Put yourself in our hands, the success of OUR CUSTOMERS is our success

Very TOP people

Gabriel Escámez


Daniel Martín

Team Leader iOS

Ibon Conesa

SysAdmin & Team

Leader Web

Cristian Menarguez

Team Leader


Álvaro Lajara

Android Developer

Silvia Carazo

Art Dir. & Team Leader

UI & UX Design

Alan Poggetti

iOS Developer

Jessica Gallegos

COO & Project


Mª José González

Backend & Web


David Valiente

Android Developer

José Tripiana

Android Developer


Guillermo Sánchez

Project Manager

Alex Marín

UI & UX Designer

Miguel Caparrós

Backend Developer

Miguel Valera

iOS Developer

Iván Calderón

Android Developer


Marta Samper


Miguel Ángel Abellán

Backend & Web


Jorge Gómez

Web Developer

Karen Rebolledo

CMO & Project


Alberto López

Web Developer


Patricia Becerra

Web Developer

Adrián Gaspar

Web Designer

Israel Martínez

QA Tester

10 reasons to LOVE US

1. We love a challenge and are passionate about what we do.

2. We have a lot of experience (even though we are a young team).

3. We pay the utmost attention to detail.

4. We spend a lot of time learning new things.

5. We know how to use the AirFryer as well as the Express Cooker.

6. We are very demanding of ourselves.

7. We speak several languages: Spanish, English, French, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, PHP…

8. You can always count on us when you need us (from Monday to Friday).

9. We are honest and realistic like Chat GPT.

10. Our CEO is able to come and go from the USA and back in 2 days. It wouldn’t be the first time.

They already trust US