Camper Project

The applications developed for Camper are for internal use by the company’s employees. Camper Sales is focused on commercial use, to be able to place orders from the shops, and Camper MPOS is for product management and search.

Camper Sales

Camper Sales is a tool designed for Camper sales representatives who are responsible for selling products to the various shoe stores. It provides sales staff with access to an extensive product catalogue where they can view detailed information about each item, including images, descriptions and prices. It allows sales staff to place orders quickly and efficiently directly from the application, speeding up the sales process and optimising customer service.

Camper MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)

Camper MPOS is an application designed for internal use, specifically for stock and returns management. It allows Camper employees to track detailed stock levels in real time, facilitating the efficient management of products in the warehouse.

It also provides tools to manage returns quickly and easily, helping to maintain a smooth and efficient warehouse workflow.