Breaking Ice Project

BreakingIce is a revolutionary dating app that is changing the way people meet and connect. With a fresh and fun approach, BreakingIce combines the excitement of online dating with unique features that make the experience even more exciting and engaging.

The app

BreakingIce uses the popular swipe system to indicate interest or disinterest in other users. Profiles are displayed dynamically and users can swipe right to indicate they like someone, or left to move on to the next profile. When two users swipe to the right of each other, a ‘match’ is created, opening up the possibility of starting a conversation.

Games and rankings

One of the most outstanding features of BreakingIce is its affinity games. These games provide a fun and unique way to get to know other users and discover their compatibility. Users can participate in interactive games designed to reveal common interests, shared values and unique affinities. These games are not only entertaining, but also help to break the ice and start meaningful conversations.

BreakingIce includes an exciting ranking system that ranks users in different themes. Users can compete against each other and be ranked in specific categories such as ‘Most Fun’, ‘Most Adventurous’, ‘Most Creative’ and others. This ranking system adds a competitive and motivational element to the dating experience, while highlighting the unique qualities of each user.

Each user has the opportunity to create a personalised profile that reflects their personality, interests and preferences. Profiles can include photos, short descriptions, details of hobbies, interests and more. In addition, users can add details about their favourite affinity games and share their achievements on the leaderboard.

Once a match is made, users can immediately start chatting via the integrated messaging feature. This feature allows users to securely and privately exchange text messages, photos and emoticons, making it easy to communicate and build meaningful relationships.