Beat Best Project

Beat Best is a mobile application designed to provide a professional sports nutrition experience, giving users the tools and knowledge they need to optimise their physical performance and health through conscious eating and proper hydration.

The app

By registering with the app, users complete a detailed profile that includes information about their weight, height, age, level of physical activity and exercise goals. With this information, Beat Best generates personalised nutrition and hydration recommendations. The application analyses each user’s nutritional and hydration needs based on their sporting activities, taking into account factors such as duration, intensity and type of exercise. It provides precise recommendations on the amount and type of nutrients to consume to optimise performance and recovery. There are 3 core sports and the Triathlon, which encompasses all three.

beat best

Taking sports nutrition to the next level

With hydration reminders and dietary advice, Beat Best is a complete and professional tool to improve the nutrition and hydration of athletes, helping them to achieve their goals and get the most out of their physical activity.